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GrooVR - Air drumming is coming to the next level!


Update v.0.2.1

  • Haptics feedback are more stronger now
  • Changed opacity of drum kit

Update v.0.2.0

  • Score system, to challenge your friends
  • Entire new environment and UI
  • Tutorial to teach how play the game
  • Included 10 new songs, from Overfuzz, Cross the Ocean, Animal Trees, Contraturno, Histona, Escombro, and Mattilha

Update v0.1.1

  • You can rearrange all drum parts freely! Create your own setup, play as you will!
  • Enjoy 5 new Songs from Matillha, Escombro, Claustrofobia and Overfuzz!
  • Improved hit detection

Update v0.0.4

  • New enviroment.
  • Added 6 new songs, featuring Claustrofobia, Cyanide Summer, Disaster Cities, Laika and Mattilha.
Update v0.0.3
  • You don't have to hold the grip during the gameplay to enable drum sticks.
Update v0.0.2
  • Added 2 more songs from Skindred and Korpiklaani.
  • Improved hit effect.
This build contains:
  • 13 Artists, including System of a Down, Daron Malakian, Aura Shred, Cross The Ocean, Skindred, Korpiklaani, Claustrofobia, Cyanide Summer, Disaster Cities, Laika, Mattilha, Escombro and Overfuzz!
  • This build have 17 songs to play and understand the main mechanism of the game.
  • The party mode, you can play and learn this 12 songs.

The Final Release will feature this:

  • The final release will have creative mode allowing you to play the drum without song.
  • 60 sounds to play, you can check out the playlist "GrooVR" on Spotify to listen all of then.
  • Score system with leaderboards.
  • Store to purchase more songs
  • Allow modding to put custom sounds from community.

Have fun!


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Your name on credits! Help me to purchase a Oculus Quest 2

Beat Smith still under in development, in this case, i need founds to purchase a Oculus Quest 2 to optimize the game to this device!

If you donate 30 bucks, your name is gonna appears on the credits of the final version of the game and will be write from here to eternity!

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I'm sorry if I sound dumb, but I can't see the download link.

same here

yea. i only see a "get for 30 dollars " sign

You can download on the official Oculus Store!

is there any version for pc vr?


This is a nice fun little game, wish there was a freeplay mode tho so I can mess around with the different drums.


The early build of this game was all Freeplay mode with no scoring or combos. You can still play it that way. Play as you want. If you don't play at all, listen carefully, you will not hear the drums. There is a perfect drum simulator in here.  




the apk is for sidequest..

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the hitboxes are just none existant. cant play a full bar without missing a hit. would be vreat otherwise. also find that the notes arent in time. 

I can play most of this and I haven't played real drums in decades. 


The graphics are kinda minimal and the voice acting for the tutorial is not the best.

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The hitbox seems to be a bit odd, and I feel it'd work better if the sticks had collision with the drums, that way it'd register hits better


Bro the sticks need to be way longer, but yeah i like this


is there any way I can play this on pc with oculus rift?


Not yet, but soon you will.


I downloaded on my phone and when I press open nothing happens. How do I get this onto my oculus..?


So you have to connect your oculus to your computer using a usb. Next, go to sidequest and find "install from apk" then click the apk then boom.


After experiencing just how polished this game is for an early (ish) beta, I just had to come back and throw a few dollars your way Erasmo. 

I'd love to see this title move into something like  DTXmania for the VR space. The fact you don't need to outlay $700 for a full Vdrums kit is a huge selling point of this title when it officially releases. 

I'm loving the drummania vibes I'm getting from this game so please keep up the amazing work. I'll be following along closely through SideQuest. :D

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I'll donate as soon as possible because this game can definitely get popular if well known. Such a great concept

I suggest removing the hand models and puting the stick pointing the same direction as the controller as the way it is now is too hard to play


i dont see the download link :(


Try again, please! I was uploading a new version of the game! Now the game is ready!


how do I download this?


Try again, please! I was uploading a new version of the game! Now the game is ready!


update to include quest 2 please im not a programmer


This app does not contain Quest 2 specific string in AndroidManifest.xml:

<meta-data android:name="com.oculus.supportedDevices" android:value="quest|delmar"/>

Meaning it was build with an old version of sdk and might not be optimized for  Quest 2.  This message was send semi-automatically.


Thanks Nobody! I Will add this string.

I Don't have the Quest 2 to test yet =(

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its worth getting tho